About Me

Top 1% Real estate agent in Oakville

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Connected to the community

Since immigrating to Canada in 1997, the GTA has been my home. I’ve lived throughout the GTA, experiencing each community deeply. I started my real estate practice here in 2007 in downtown Toronto. In 2011 I moved to Oakville with my husband and our two daughters. My father-in-law has had his legal practice in downtown Oakville for 50+ years, specializing in real estate law. As a family we love to walk through downtown Oakville and along the lake, enjoy the tasty food offered by the great restaurants, and do a little shopping to support the variety of retail stores.

Deep Expertise

Since I started my practice in 2007, I have helped my clients conduct over 1,000 real estate transactions, including residential, commercial and investment throughout the GTA and into cottage country.

Passionate about real estate

I’m a very strong proponent for real estate investing in the GTA. Do you know that more than 50% of new immigrants to Canada settle in the GTA, and within a year, half of the other 50% move to the GTA? That’s hundreds of thousands of new Canadian families looking for homes and investment properties, which is a huge reason for the current and forecast sustained real estate business growth in the GTA. 

I don’t just help my clients with real estate, but I practice what I preach – I personally have a portfolio of real estate investments, often side-by-side with my clients in the same projects.

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